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What is a Living in Place Advisor?
In our early and middle years we build the foundations of our lives, raise families, grow our businesses, and save for our retirement, at which time we hopefully can enjoy the fruits of our labor. Some of us are lucky enough to have saved enough and are healthy enough to travel, foster new friendships and take on new interests, as well as share times with our children and grandchildren.

As we reach retirement, we also must consider our vulnerabilities and the natural decline that comes with age.
Do we have enough financial resources to maintain our lifestyles?

Are we healthy enough to maintain our homes?

What are the prime emphases of our lives?

How do we want to be remembered?

What possessions shall we keep, pass on or get rid of?

How do we keep our children free from the burden of us?

And how do we protect ourselves from the loss of all we have worked for in our lives?

These questions are difficult, sometimes troubling, and for many people overwhelming.

As Living in Place Advisors, our job is to help older people maintain as much control as possible of their lives, for as long as possible. We also help the elderly age with dignity by serving as an advocate that will enable their lives, will and wishes to be maintained even after they may not be able to make decisions for themselves.

“Getting older doesn’t have to mean giving up the things you love and the access to a purposeful life. We try to help people maintain their lifestyles, keep their homes and the community of friends, and family.”

– Linda Arters

With people living longer than ever, and baby boomers adverse to thoughts of aging, our challenge becomes one of serving a large community of people with objectives far different than those of previous generations. Many will choose to live in their homes for as long as humanly possible, are opposed to living with their families or transitioning to an elder care facility, and choose to maintain their independence for longer than the time they have to be physically or mentally capable of the task.

Therefore, we concentrate on five specific areas of service to help older people and their children to navigate the journey of "aging."

We are not builders or renovators, but our experience enables us to provide contractors and remodelers that knowledgeable and certified in transforming existing homes to safe, easily navigated and maintained premises for older individuals who wish to stay in their homes as lobbing as possible.

We work with financial planners who can provide clear, sound and realistic recommendations for individuals and families given the resources, lifestyle consideration and mental and physical capacities to achieve their goals


Nothing lasts forever! We can only control so much of our lives in the future, and then we have to give it up to proper planning. Linda Arters Living in Place Advisors help prepare individuals for all of the eventualities of life. This may include what happens after the death of a spouse, a long-term medical disability, the gradual decline of physical or mental abilities of either one or both of a couple, and the changes in perspectives and needs as we grow older.

A goal of many people is to protect themselves form their children as they protect their children from themselves. Nobody wants to be a burden, and one of goals is for families to communicate their fears and desires, as well as having wishes honored. One of our objectives is to protect older citizens from abuse and exploitation of the people entrusted to their care, whether through a guardianship, or just through ignorance and neglect. In a nutshell, Linda Arters Living in Place Advisors, is a clearing house of information, professionals and resources that can help older individuals and their loved ones maintain loving meaningful relationships unburdened by greed, unwanted responsibilities, or careless decision making. In effect, we provide a schematic for living designed by older individuals and their families that is implemented by a team of lawyers, counselors, educators, remodelers, and transitional experts skilled in the needs of elders, and guided by a respect for the aged and their lives and wishes.

As we get older our needs change. A person retiring at 65 is usually not quite the same person at 85. Part of our job is to assist individuals and their families in finding the right resources for age related illnesses, housekeeping and in-home nursing, legal assistance for wills and trust, contractors for in-place living modifications, and guardianships and hospice care (if and when required). The Linda Arters Advisory Team is made up of people "we trust" and can recommend to our clients in finding and implementing "the best" solutions at the "right time."

Linda Arters - Living In Place Advisors